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Renaissance School Services is a leading service provider in school turnaround, charter school operations, and research.  With a leadership team that has spent more than a dozen years working in whole charter school management, school turnaround, and more recent engagements in research, RSS is among the most experienced school operating and improvement teams in the country, which has led some of the nation’s leading education reform funders and researchers to ask us to work with them on commissioned research projects.  RSS works directly with charter school boards, district administrations, and state policy makers to help produce outstanding schools.

Recent News
pic1October 12, 2012. The board of the Central Jersey Arts Charter School (CJACS) voted unanimously tonight to contract with Renaissance School Services to turn around the struggling charter school, which is under probation from its authorizer, the New Jersey Department of Education, for multiple issues including financial problems and academic non-performance. CJACS is a 385 student K-8 school in Plainfield, NJ.
pic1October 2, 2012. Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville travelled to Lowell, MA to laud the two year turnaround performance of the Lowell Community Charter Public School. Secretary Reville called the school’s turnaround “remarkable,” and “ said his department would study the school’s strategy to make it a model for improvement in a state known for having one of the best public education systems in the country,” according to the Lowell Sun. In 2010 Renaissance became Massachusetts’ first state-board approved turnaround operator when Renaissance was selected to turnaround this 800 student school, which it “transformed” in the eyes of the state in the first year, after which Renaissance left the school, but Renaissance’s people and positions remained.
pic1August 31, 2012. Renaissance School Services announces the participants in its third Survey & Analysis of School Management Organizations, which is the only U.S. study of the performance of school management organizations on academic, operational, and financial metrics. Participants in this year’s benchmarking study are Achievement First, Choice Schools, Civitas Schools, Distinctive Schools, Downtown College Prep, Education for Change, GEO Foundation Academies, IDEA Public Schools, New Orleans College Prep, Rocketship Education, Scholar Academies, Uncommon Schools, and the UNO Charter School Network.
pic1August 24, 2012. The Baltimore Montessori Charter School has entered an agreement with Renaissance School Staffing, a new Renaissance School Services wholly owned subsidiary, to employ some 20 employees and lease them back to the school. The purpose of the agreement is to provide a benefit package to the employees at lower cost than the school itself can provide.
pic1July 11, 2012. New Haven Public Schools announced the results of its third annual climate survey, an in-depth survey among parents, students, teachers, and staff at all schools district-wide. Renaissance-managed Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy produced the fifth largest gain of all of New Haven’s 43 schools in its first year under Renaissance management in the aggregate score among all five measured categories: academic expectations, collaboration, communication, engagement, and safety & respect. All categories increased significantly and the school received the highest possible category rating for academic expectations.
pic1June 30, 2012. Renaissance sends its best wishes to four departing staff members: Schools Analyst Collin Peck who will be attending law school at the University of Virginia this fall after spending two years with us upon graduation from Washington & Lee; Operations Specialist Sarah Miller who will be a Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation this fall, having worked at our turnaround school in New Haven for a year after receiving her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Yale; Director of Educational Services Lin Gordon who is taking a well-deserved retirement to travel after two years of service to Renaissance; and Jim Binkley, State Director of Technology for five years at Renaissance, who is becoming a Systems Engineer at Christiana Care Health System, Delaware’s largest health care system. Our best wishes to all of them.
pic1December 13, 2011. Three months into Renaissance School Services management of Clemente Leadership Academy, one of the worst performing schools in New Haven for the past decade, the school achieved the highest increase in parent attendance at parent-teacher conferences of any of the forty-three schools in the New Haven School District.
pic1October 6, 2011. The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education today released its report on the site review of the Lowell Community Charter Public School conducted in April, 2011. The review was laudatory of Renaissance School Services’ work at the school. The report noted, “In contrast to prior years, teachers now receive ample feedback, guidance, supervision, and evaluation.” In addition, the 27 page report concluded, “One year into the improvement efforts, site visitors found that many the systems, structures, and overall organization that had been missing at the school for years, have now been instituted.”
pic1September 20, 2011. The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education today released MCAS results for schools state-wide. For the first time since 2007, the Lowell Community Public Charter School, under its first year of management by Renaissance School Services, made AYP in the aggregate in both ELA and math, in ELA via safe harbor and in math by achieving the school’s state-set growth target. Student proficiency rose by 4 percentage points in ELA (the school’s population is 45% ELL) and by 13 percentage points in math. Renaissance has prepared a case study of its work at the Lowell school.
pic1July 21, 2011. The Delaware Department of Education today released DCAS results for schools state-wide. The EastSide Charter School, managed by Renaissance partner Dominique Taylor for two years, made AYP in both ELA and math for the first time since 2004, both in the aggregate and in all subgroups. Student proficiency rose by 15 percentage points in ELA and by 16 percentage points in math. Last year, under the first year of Renaissance’s management, the school made AYP in math in the aggregate and all subgroups. The year before, the school was the worst ranked school in the state.
pic1May 23, 2011. The New Haven, CT Board of Education tonight voted unanimously to approve a contract under which Renaissance will manage the turnaround of one of New Haven's lowest performing schools, the Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy, a 538 student PK-8 school. New Haven is nationally recognized for leadership in district turnaround efforts; Renaissance is New Haven's first partner to manage a large, underperforming school, selected after a year-long review of scores of turnaround operators.
pic1April 27, 2011. The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education today voted to lift a major probationary condition placed on the Lowell Community Charter Public School just prior to Renaissance's selection to turn around the school. Officials from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education testified that the school "had been transformed" during Renaissance's first full year after a DESE eight person, two day review of the school's academic program.
pic1January 11, 2011. A new report on Charter Management Organization financial issues is released by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) based on a symposium convened by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CRPE. Richard O’Neill, RSS’s president, was one of twenty national experts convened to address CMO financial issues.
pic1October 15, 2010. Lin Gordon, RSS’s Director of ELA, and Richard O’Neill, RSS’s President, spent a week in Shanghai and Beijing at the invitation of various universities in China and China’s Ministry of Education. Gordon and O’Neill received a rare invitation to spend time in an experimental high school in Beijing and Dr. Gordon gave a university address about maximizing reading and writing effectiveness.
pic1June 17, 2010. Renaissance-managed EastSide Charter School in Wilmington, DE, which was the worst performing school in Delaware in 2009 was one of “a handful of Delaware’s persistently low-achieving schools [to make] great gains in this year’s state assessment scores,” according to the Wilmington News-Journal, Delaware’s newspaper of record. EastSide posted these gains and made AYP in math in its first year of turnaround under Renaissance management in 2010.
pic1July 12, 2010. RSS is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education as the first and only turnaround contract operator in Massachusetts to turn around the Lowell Community Charter Public School, an 800 student K-8 school in Lowell, MA, one of the lowest performing schools in the state.
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